James May Our Man In Italy Captures Ghost Walking Out Of Grave

Published on 20 July 2022 at 12:17

James May’s new documentary Our Man In Italy has spooked some fans after a ‘ghost’ appears to be walking in the background.

The Amazon Prime Video series sees May travel from Palermo to the Dolomites and explore everything it has to offer from food to culture and sport.

One thing fans may not have been expecting though, is what appears to be a ghost stepping out of a grave.

Standing in the ancient city of Pompeii, upon mass graves, May is explaining how the city was wiped out when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, but fans were distracted from what he was saying by an apparition in the background.

From watching the video it does appear to be a spirit walking across the road but more often than not, ghosts are usually captured on camera when you least expect it.

Source: Metro 

The faint and undefined figure appeared to be human in shape. TikTok user, deejaybrooksie was one person who picked up on the eerie moment. The viewer posted a video and commented: "Just been watching James May's new program Our Man in Italy on Amazon Prime and we spotted this in the background."

@deejaybrooksie Just been watching James May’s new program “Our man in Italy” on Amazon Prime and we spotted this in the background 👻 #jamesmay #ghostsighting #unexplained #walkingdead #Pompeii ♬ original sound - DeejayBrooksie

The video, which has amassed 174.7K views on the platform, caught the attention of May himself, who responded on Twitter to give his thoughts on the creepy spectacle. Writing on Twitter, he wrote

It appears from James Mays comment on twitter that there is a possibility that this could be a real ghost because nobody had seen it at the time of filming. However, he goes on to mention that this could be just a bit of digital corruption. To me this seems unlikely as no one spots the apparition and it also walks across the road like an human being.

Fans have since shared clips of several other 'ghosts' in the series. One in an underground carpark in episode four, and another in woodland in the background where May is filming outdoors.

The six part travel documentary launched on Prime at the beginning of July, seeing May drive around the country enjoying the wine, the sights and culture.

Source: Yahoo News

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