5 Of The Most Haunted Roads Across The United States

Published on 28 June 2022 at 10:30

haunted road with ghosts america

After a little research I decided to list 5 of the most haunted roads in the United States. Some of them are haunted by ghosts and others paranormal activity. Drive them if you dare!

Mount Misery Road

Huntington, New York

Mount misery road, huntington new york sign post

On Long Island, New York - there are two separate stretches of roads that almost connect. They are known as Sweet Hallow Road and Mount Misery Road.

There are many chilling stories that surround this beautiful area - which was once inhabited by Walt Whitman, an American poet, essayist and journalist.

It is believed that during the 19th century there was once a psychiatric hospital that was built in the woods. It is suggested that the hospital had been burned to the ground by a patient -  with all of the occupants perishing in the flames.

Roughly 10 years later the hospital was rebuilt, and everyone that worked there explained that strange paranormal phenomenon plagued the psychiatric hospital. During the night, the smell of burning buildings and the screams of the unfortunate souls filled the air.

After 5 months the new hospital had burned down, and this time the ruins were left alone, although, some houses were built deep within the woods. Some of the residents have reported seeing the ghost of the patient that started the fire dancing by the side of the road in an hospital robe.

Route 2A

Haynesville, Maine

route 2A, haynesville, haunted road, Maine

The hairpin turn on route 2A, is said to be haunted by both ghosts and unexplained accidents. During the winter an unsettling number of drivers have perished as they try to swing this turn. 

Many people have driven along this road and some of them have reported seeing the spirit of a young lady that appears out of no where. She is often stood in front of their vehicles or she can be seen walking along the side of the road.

Some have offered this young lady a ride - which she accepted before stating that her and her newly wed husband had been in a car accident and were in need of assistance. Once the lady had entered the vehicle, the drivers and passengers have had the sensation of coldness and chills surrounding this woman.

Some of the locals believe that this is the ghost of a young girl who was fatally killed by tractor trailer while walking along Route 2.

Although this story has not been confirmed, town records do reveal that two females who were ten years of age both died in Haynesville on the same day which was on the twenty second of August in the year of 1967.

This stretch of road has become known as one of the most haunted places in Maine due to the numerous reports of paranormal activity made by many individuals including some of the truck drivers who still travel along this isolated stretch of road.

Archer Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

haunted rcher avenue illinois, chicago

Chicago is the home of many ghost stories, but none are as creepy as the ones that happen on Archer Avenue. This road wonders through forests and meanders around lakes, stretchers between the infamous Resurrection Cemetery and St. James at Sag Bridge Catholic Church.

There are reports of ghostly monks, spooky babies, and phantom horse riders that are said to haunt this area.

The most famous story of Archer Avenue is that of Resurrection Mary, one of Chicago’s famous “vanishing hitchhikers.” According to legend, Mary was on her way home from Oh Henry Ballroom when she was hit and killed by a speeding car.

Drivers today often report seeing a girl in a white dress standing along Archer Avenue. Sometimes, travellers will pick her up, but she disappears from the car once it reaches Resurrection Cemetery.

Highway 299

Northern California

haunted highway 299 california

This long and lonely route passes through the state from East to West and it is the home to several mysterious ghost stories. The most haunted stretch of the highway lies between Old Shasta City and Whiskeytown lake.

Old Shasta City was once a thriving gold rush destination but it is now known as an abandoned ghost town. There are ruins of the city’s old bakery, blacksmith, Mason’s Lodge, and courthouse that are still standing. In the middle of the courthouse is the old jail, which is allegedly filled with the spirits of criminals that were tried and hanged there.

If you decide to travel further up the road you’ll find Whiskeytown, a popular destination for lakeside activities but deep in the depths there lies an abandoned town.

When the Whiskeytown dam was created decades ago it caused the city to flood and all living inhabitants to flee.

There are many reports that people have seen the spirits of lost souls wonder around the lake as they refused to leave when the town was flooded.

Monalisa Drive

New Orleans, Louisiana

monalisa drive haunted statue new orleans

New Orleans is known for the large amount of hauntings and paranormal activity, so it's no wonder that the park that sits in the middle of the city would feature on this list.

When the city park was financially supported by a local philanthropist, he insisted that a statue of his deceased daughter, Mona, be displayed prominently. 

Many years later, the beloved statue was hit by an errant vehicle, at which point it was relocated to the basement of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

However, Mona decided to leave something at the park in which she was laid to rest. 

It's reported that a white female figure is seen where her statue once stood, and when she approaches vehicles, she disappears into thin air.

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