5 Royal Residences That Are Haunted By Ghosts And Poltergeists

Published on 15 June 2022 at 08:57

It is claimed that numerous Ghosts and Poltergeists wander the halls of Her Majesty the Queen's royal residences, and on this list we are going to take a look at some of the paranormal occurrences that have taken place inside the walls of some of the most famous buildings in the world.

frogmore mausoleum

The Royal Family have a rich and detailed history, so it's only fair to suggest that the residences owned by Her Majesty The Queen have numerous Ghost stories attached to them. There are unexplained bloodstains that have appeared, loud footsteps which have been heard to full-bodied apparitions which have been seen with the naked eye.

Windsor Castle

windsor castle royal residence, london

There are many people who believe that the 11th century Windsor Castle is probably the most haunted building of all the royal residences, and it was once rated as the most haunted place in the United Kingdom.

With some of Britain's most famous monarchs said to still haunt the halls of Windsor castle, there has been more than 25 reported ghostly sightings over the years.

One of these paranormal reports came from the Queen herself, as well as her sister Princess Margaret. They both had claimed to have seen the ghost of Elizabeth I, impatiently pacing around the library.

There are also reports the Queen Mother's footsteps have also been be heard, as she walks across the wooden floorboards before her ghostly apparition appears.

Sandringham Estate

the haunted sandringham estate

Christmas celebrations are the usual occurrence at the Sandringham Estate, but over the years, there are numerous spectres that are said to appear.

There is a report that when Prince Charles was young, he and a footman had once fled in sheer terror, after a strange coldness had descended upon them while the pair was in the library.

There is also numerous poltergeist activity that has taken place in the estate, and this includes, Christmas cards being moved around on mantlepieces by unseen ghostly hands, and bed sheets being flung off beds.

There is one bedroom on the second-floor where multiple servants refuse to go alone, and this is because numerous members of staff have reported the sound of heavy breathing been heard.

Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace london

Some particular parts of Buckingham Palace date back to 1703. However, the history of the building actually dates back much further.

During the dead of the night it is claimed that a long-dead monk, who is often seen dressed in a brown cowl and chains, is said to wander at the the back terrace, where a long-since-forgotten monastery once stood.

Many people believe that this is the spirit of a monk who had died in a punishment cell at the old monastery, and he is forever doomed to walk this location.

Anmer Hall

anmer hall

This Georgian country house is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of St Henry Walpole, whose call, according to legend, can be heard when the winds blow.

History mentions that he was persecuted for converting to Catholicism, which during the Elizabethan times was allegedly repressed by the Crown. He was later then captured en route to Norfolk and was taken to the London Tower to be tortured.

After he was returned to Yorkshire in 1595 he is said to have been hanged, drawn and quartered. In the 1970's he was anointed as saint.

Even though St Henry died in Yorkshire, it is claimed that his spirit still returns to his former home, and there are some reports of him been spotted in the garden. 

Frogmore Cottage

frogmore cottage windsor estate

It is said that restless spirits linger inside the walls of Frogmore Cottage

The building is located on the Windsor Castle estate, and it is positioned directly opposite the royal burial ground at Frogmore.

The Royal Mausoleum is for Queen Victoria and her husband Albert, Prince Consort. It is also the final resting place of the former King Edward VIII, and the wife he abdicated the throne for, Wallis Simpson.

Reports claim that the spirit of an unknown "grey man" has been seen near the mausoleum on numerous occasions and house staff are reluctant to go into the mausoleum as there are "shadowy figures" that call this place home. Staff members are often overcome with fear and are terrified of being alone.


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