5 Of The World's Most Haunted Pet Cemeteries

Published on 9 June 2022 at 11:54

cat sat on a road pet cemetery

Around the world there are thousands of haunted cemeteries that are dedicated to honouring not only family and friends but deceased cats, dogs, and other beloved pets. Some even allow humans to be buried with their furry friends. Today we are going to take a look at some of the most fascinating and haunting ones around the globe.

Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

London, England

hyde park pet cemetery london

The Hyde Park Cemetery was opened in 1881 and it is said to be one of the oldest in the world. It is nestled within the bushes of Victoria Gate Lodge’s garden behind the large iron gates of the Park’s perimeter.

The first ever pet buried there was a dog named Cherry, a Maltese terrier that died of old age on April 28, 1881. “Poor Cherry”, reads an inscription on the dog’s tomb, placed in what was at the time someone's garden.

There are roughly 300 small, moss covered graves that now serve as a permanent reminder of the pets that people once loved.

It didn't take long before the idea caught on and other well-to-do Londonite's dug little holes in the garden to place  their pets.

This pet cemetery surely has had enough time for the ghosts to ripen, and rumour has it that the cemetery is haunted by the spirits of animals, many of which suffered extremely tragic deaths

Bubastis, The Ancient City Of Cats


bubastis pet cemetery egypt

Bubastis was the main place of worship for the Egyptian goddess Bast, who represented fertility, motherhood and the benevolent aspects of the sun. In the 10th century BC began the cult of the cat.

In the city centre there was a large temple and in 450 BC Herodotus visited this site and declared it the most beautiful temple in all of Egypt.

He described a courtyard with groves of trees that led to an interior with a massive statue of Bast and many cats, which were cared for by temple priests with donations from pilgrims.

The large population of cats that lived inside the temple, were extremely respected, and needed to be moderated by the sacrifice of young kittens, which were then mummified and sold to pilgrims as relics of the temple.

Merchants throughout the city would sell bronze cat sculptures, cat amulets and all sorts of other sacred and highly decorated objects.

In the early 20th century the Swiss Egyptologist Édouard Naville exhumed a burial site at Bubastis and found more than 720 cubic feet of cat remains.


Stull Cemetery, The Seventh Gate To Hell

Kansas City, Kansas

stull cemetery kansas, cemetery of the damned

“The Cemetery of the Damned” or “The Seventh Gate to Hell” is known as an insanely haunted location in Kansas City.

The story of Stull Cemetery is a little different but it caught my attention as it is the burial ground of a child said to be the spawn between the devil and a human.

During the child's lifetime he was able to turn himself into a dog, cat or wolf and this to me considers it to be a pet cemetery.

The boy was born with long red hair and he possessed a double set of teeth. When he was an infant, the boy was chained under the house and thrown small scraps of food like a wild animal.

Around the age of ten the boy chewed off his left hand and when he escaped he went on a murderous spree across small town America, killing everyone he met.

Eleven months later and numerous lives lost, a lone farmer was somehow able to kill the creature. 

It is said that during the spring or autumn supernatural evil forces, orbs and lights are supposed to form over the boys grave.

Salem Cemetery, Hell Hounds And Witches

Hendrysburg, Ohio

salem cemetery, salem, ohio

Packs of large hell hounds or devil dogs are reported to run through the cemetery during the dead of the night, they can often be heard growling.

The ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox, who was murdered nearby is said to weep at her own grave, and apparently if you walk around the outside of the cemetery six times you will disappear.

It is also know that several witches are buried are also buried on this site.

Another haunting that takes place here is that of a lonely young man named Alvin who died of a broken heart. He is known to chase young female visitors around the cemetery and occasionally pinches them on the bum.

On one night a truck driver crashed into the cemetery, he managed to survive the crash but lost an arm. It is claimed that this lonesome hand prowls the place, creeping its way across the tombs, as if to seek some sort of unknown revenge.

St. Louis Cemetery, And The Zombified Cat

New Orleans

new orleans cemetery

These crumbling marble tombs are filled with the bones of dead humans, but what if these humans turn into red-eyed cats during the afterlife?

The cemetery was opened in 1788 and because of the low water table all bodies are held in aboveground vaults.

The most common occupant is a Voodoo Priestess Marie Catherine Laveau. She was born in 1794, she would perform voodoo ceremonies on Lake Pontchartrain and she even had a pet snake named Zombi, after an African God.

Visitors at the cemetery have seen the snake’s ghostly spirit slithering around the cemetery, but the most common sighting, is of Mary Laveau herself, often as a “shiny large black Voodoo cat, with fire red eyes.

There are also hauntings of evil ghost cats and dogs that are said to prowl the cemetery, they apparently once belonged to a nineteenth century cemetery caretaker.

It is alleged that the caretaker was buried in the opposite cemetery and it is believed that the ghost dogs are waiting for him to return and feed them.


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