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Mother Is Left Terrified As Home Is Haunted By Something Sinister

Published on 29 May 2022 at 10:06

Scottish city glasgow

A Scottish Mother is left terrified by 'ghost' haunting her home

The woman, who hails from Glasgow in Scotland, says her home and children are haunted by an unwelcome spook.

The paranormal activity includes toys moving by themselves, taps turning on, unexplained banging noises in the night and even sightings of a tall sinister shadow.

"It started happening a few months back, with the tap in the kitchen turning on or the fridge door open, or hearing things at night," she said.

"I heard the creek from the baby gate a few times but looked at the monitor and the wee one was sleeping. Another time I walked past my living room to go to the kitchen at night and saw a shadow at the corner of my eye going into my bedroom."


As soon as the activity started in the family home her daughter has started suffering from nightmares. On one particular occasion, the young child mentioned that a 'monster' was sleeping in the corner of her room.

"I want to move because of these things happening, my dad's not very happy with it either, he thinks there is too much negative energy is in the house," she said.

When the child's mother was asked if she would consider the services of a medium, she mentioned that she was open to it.

As things stand, however, there is no real reason as to how or why this paranormal phenomena has begun.


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