David Bowie Believed That The Ghost Of His Father Was Phoning Him

Published on 26 May 2022 at 12:36

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Musician

Did David Bowie's father make a phone call from beyond the grave?

The legendary musician passed away in 2016 but he previously recalled his own paranormal experience.

Back in 1969 Bowie believed was his late father - Haywood Jones - was attempting to contact him from beyond the grave. Bowie explained that in the days following the death of his father, the telephone would mysteriously ring at the same time, every day, for a whole week.

According to drummer John Cambridge who knew Bowie, he claimed that the phenomenon had started shortly after he had moved into a country house in Derbyshire.


"He said nobody ever answered when he said 'hello,' and he was convinced that it was his dad, letting him know that everything was okay," Cambridge recalled.

He added that the house itself was an old, atmospheric and spooky place at the best of times. While he'd never directly experienced anything unexplained there, he'd heard from others who had.

No explanation for the mysterious phone calls was ever found.

Bowie - who had the alter ego Ziggy Stardust - passed away himself in 2016. The acclaimed musician had been diagnosed with liver cancer less than two years earlier.


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