Women Fears That Ghost Lover Will Kill Her

Published on 12 October 2021 at 10:05

Brocarde singer-songwriter is in love with  a ghost

Brocarde believes that her ghostly lover is the one that gives her incredible orgasms.

A singer-songwriter claims the spirit of a Victorian soldier who visits her in the night, wants her to become a ghost too.

The women who is in love with a ghost believes that her spiritual lover intends to kill her. Brocarde, 38, a singer-songwriter, explained that her ghostly other half made his presence known to her during a thunderstorm while she was having trouble falling to sleep.

She explained that the spirit is named Edwardo, and he was a Victorian soldier who tragically died at the age of 35, after he fell down a well. Since his first appearance he has been visiting her ever since.

Brocarde mentioned that over the years she has had some ghostly encounters, but she would often brush them aside. When she met the spirit, she was lying in bed unable to sleep, when all of a sudden she felt a warm burning sensation in her heart.


As the bedroom temperature dropped, she reached out to turn on the bedside light, it was at this moment Edwardo introduced himself by grabbing her hand.

Apparently, Edwardo then whispered “I love you” in Brocarde’s ear.

brocarde is a singer-songwriter

The musician described how she feels comfortable and safe in Edwardo's presence, and when she asks her lover to prove himself, he can make their candles flicker and even blow them out. Brocarde also explained that she often discovers love hearts in the steam on the shower.

She decided to keep her relationship with the Victorian spirit a secret from her friends and family due to the worry that they may try to get her exorcised. The songwriter explained that their passionate moments result in spine-tingling orgasms.


If Edwardo doesn't like the songs and poetry she writes, he attempts to distract her by using his heavy presence, and her ultimate fear is that he'll expect too much from her which may result in her becoming a spirit too.

She believes that this is a difficult subject to get your head around but perhaps some souls never truly pass, and maybe there are ghosts trapped in the afterlife who need love and affection just like the rest of us.

Source: Daily Star 

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Shewly Rani Depa
10 months ago

I pray to Lord for that person's safety