Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Published on 23 September 2021 at 12:58

Since the brutal witch trials of 1612, the people of the surrounding area have remained cautious of the dreaded witches of Pendle Hill.

pendle hill witches, lancashire

Scenic View On Pendle Hill At Springtime, Lancashire, England UK

According to reports ten witches were buried beneath the hill, after they were hung at Lancaster Castle. In modern times the hill has since featured on multiple paranormal television shows.

It is believed that the spirits of ten witches are all out for revenge, after being put to death by the terrified locals of their time. The most famous witch among them is Alice Nutter, who was far more wealthier than her supernatural contemporaries.

the alice nutter witch statue pendle

The most famous witch among them is Alice Nutter

She chilled everyone with her silence during the trial. And in the end she was found guilty of the charge of murdering Henry Mitton by witchcraft.

Pendle Hill can't be missed because as soon as you arrive it sits monstrously above the Lancashire countryside, pushing all the negativity aside, it’s a truly stunning place for a hike or to go on a family walk, and once you reach the top you will have an astounding view.


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