A Priest Claims That Demons Can Now Use Text Messages To Torment Their Victims

Published on 5 September 2021 at 12:46

exorcist stephen rossetti

Stephen Rossetti, who is a licensed psychologist and councillor, has claimed that demonic forces have found a new way to terrorise their victims via the use of text messages.

Mr Rossetti said: “We have had three cases in which demons have texted the team and or the family of the possessed person.''

The exorcist believes that the demons involved are of an higher ranking, and that they must be extremely powerful in order to cross over and affect digital devices in the physical realm.

The 70-year-old priest, performs around 20 exorcisms a week in Washington DC, and he decided to share some of the text messages that were received by numerous people he is trying to help.


One said: “Her torments start now, priest... all night. We will make her bleed.”

Another read: “We’re glad she’s away from you now.”

Demonic interference via the use of technology is nothing new, and there are numerous reports of these devilish creatures being able to flicker lights on and off, while also having the ability to speak through TV's and radios.

In a recent post Stephen claimed that a man who was possessed by a demon, woke up with a beast's huge claw marks on his back, during an exorcism.

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