5 Creepy Ghost Stories From Death Row

Published on 30 August 2021 at 17:07

a leathal injection bed on death row

Prisoners on death row are afraid of being haunted by the ghosts of criminals who have died before them.

Being on death row is not a place that anyone wishes to find themselves, however, some inmates have another problem that they have to deal with, and that is being terrorised by the ghosts of former inmates.

Some people believe that the spirits of these criminals are too afraid to move on, while others believe that they roam the cell blocks looking for a way to escape.


HM Prison Manchester, also known as Strangeways Prison, was first opened in 1868. It had its own execution chamber, and around one hundred criminals were executed at Strangeways before capital punishment was abolished by Great Britain in 1965.

Many people believe that the jail is haunted by many spirits, but the most active one was not a former criminal.

John Ellis was a prison employee for twenty-three years. He was the man who handled numerous executions before committing suicide in 1932. Various prison officers have stated that they have seen the spirit of Ellis, lingering through prisons halls wearing a dark suit.

Many people believe that John Ellis decided to come back to the prison in order to control the more negative spirits that linger there. 

the gates of strangeways prison

An old photo of Strangeways Prison


Al Capone was a notorious criminal during the 1920's. Capone made his fortune during The Prohibition, and he was clever enough to employ several local police officers that helped keep him out of jail. Eventually, Al forgot to submit his income to the government and it was at this time he was sent to Alcatraz.

During his reign, the famous gangster had made a lot of enemies and because of this, Al feared his daily trip to the yard. He decided that he would spend his free time in the abandoned showers when the other prisoners went outside. Al picked up the banjo, and he became so good at it, that he joined the prisons band.

Alcatraz is now popular tourist destination, not just because of the famous criminals it once held captive, but for hauntings that are said to take place there. Many visitors believe that they have heard Al Capone playing the banjo from the shower room, and sometimes it can be heard outside of the prison’s walls.

Al Capone's prison cell, alcatraz

Al Capone's prison cell


Amos Lunt was an executioner at San Quentin Prison during the late 1800's. Lunt watched numerous hangings while he was employed at the prison, but eventually he started to crack, after feeling extremely guilty over his duties.

The executioner told fellow employees that he was being followed by twenty-one ghosts, and that they followed him everywhere he went. The ghosts were covered in blood, and they often attempted to throw a noose around his neck.

Amon was relieved of his duties in October 1899 as his employees worried about his mental health. Lunt told his replacement that the spirits of the dead lingered under his bed, and he mentioned that he had stopped sleeping because the spirits would kill him the moment his head hit the pillow.

san quentin prison

San Quentin is the oldest prison in California


Ted Bundy was officially charged with murdering thirty-six women, and many people are convinced that Ted stalked, raped and killed closer to a hundred innocent victims.

After discovering that Ted Bundy had engaged in sexual activity with many of his dead victims, some people were thrown over the edge, and there was a huge relief when he was sentenced to death row at Florida State Prison.

January 24, 1989, was Ted’s official day of execution, and it was here where he would meet “old sparky”, the prison’s electric chair.

It appears that death hasn’t seemed to stop Ted from plaguing people, however. A couple of guards came forward in 2001 to report that they had constantly being dealing with Ted’s ghost since his execution by electric chair.

His apparition has seen numerous times by multiple guards, and he appeared to sit calmly on the electric chair with a creepy smile on his face. Some guards have reported hearing Ted talk, while others have seen him in his former cell as well.

One guard swears to this day that he heard Ted whisper to him,

“Well, I beat all of you, didn’t I?”

The ghost of Ted Bundy has been seen so many times that now security officers and other prison personnel refuse to enter the execution chamber by themselves.

american serial killer ted bundy

Ted Bundy was executed in 1989


A German man by the name of Frederick Hollman immigrated to the United Sates in 1883. After living in Illinois for several years, he began a murdering spree in 1896.

Frederick Hollman was arrested and convicted for the murder of Wiebke Geddes, but people believe to this day that he killed at least seventeen women.

The court decided that he would be sentenced to death and he was taken to the Ford County Jail in Paxton, Illinois. Despite his conviction, Frederick refused to confess the true scale of his crimes.

During numerous interviews Hollman swore that he would return and haunt the ones who put him him behind bars. “I will haunt them to their graves,” he said. “I will rap on their windows at night, and they will see my face at their windows.”

After his execution in 1897, Frederick began to haunt the jail. Shadowy figures have been seen in and around his cell, and visitors have also claimed to have heard creepy voices while near the area.

A paranormal investigation team believe that they managed to capture Frederick on film, looking in on his jail cell from the window.

frederick hollman in prison

Taken in 1897, Frederick Hollman can be seen stood on the right of the photo, the day before his execution.

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