Leah Lewis Believes That A Bald Ghost Scratched And Bruised Her Bum

Published on 26 August 2021 at 18:36

Leah Lewis bottom scratched by ghost

A mother and daughter claim that a bald ghost is the one to blame after the family home has been terrorised for months.

Leah Lewis, 21, from Burton-Upon-Trent, Derbyshire decided to tell The Sun that she found a 'large scratch mark' on her left bum cheek, and she claims that it is the work of an evil spirit that is haunting their home.

Leah goes on to mention that the mark occurred shortly after her mum was 'physically pinned to her bed' by the ghost. She believes that the spectre decided to attack them as they tried to cleanse their home of paranormal activity.


Leah said: "My mum had an experience where she was in bed and suddenly she heard heavy breathing in her ear.

"She tried to shout for me but she couldn't move and couldn't speak and she thinks that lasted a couple of minutes.

"Then suddenly I heard a man's laugh. It was like the spirit found it hilarious that he had scared my mum.

Leah explained that once she got undressed and go to the shower she saw the marks on her bottom. Her mother Colette decided to get help in the form of psychic medium Ian Griffiths.

The medium mentioned that he believed a male spirit who was tall, thin and bald was to blame. Ian claims that the spirit seemed angry and frustrated that he wasn't able to cross over.

After the psychic medium had visited their house the encounters seem to have settled down, but Leah warned others to approach such things with an open mind and seek help if needed.

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Sources : The Lad Bible And The Sun

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