The One-Man Hide And Seek Game Is Based On An Old Ritual That Is Believed To Summon The Dead

Published on 24 August 2021 at 20:11

creepy doll floating in water

It is said that this game is the home of restless spirits, who are constantly searching for bodies to possess.

While playing this game, you need to summon a spirit, but instead of being the human host, you need to offer a doll in exchange.

Before you begin to play, a lot of preparation must take place.

The first thing you must do is take your chosen doll and empty out the stuffing. Then you must fill it with rice, followed by a piece of your own hair or fingernail. The next stage involves you sewing it closed while using only a red thread.


Then take the doll and place it in a container filled with water. You must now turn off all of the lights and fill your mouth with salt water and go back to the container, where the doll should have disappeared.

The game has now begun, and you must search your home in the dark. The one-man hide and seek game can only end once you have discovered the doll.

The final part requires you to spit the salt water that's in your mouth on to the doll. You must then wait until it has dried before burning and discarding its ashes in order to complete this summoning ritual.
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