A Queen's Ghost Is Captured On Camera

Published on 12 August 2021 at 18:14

the ghost of mary jane grey at astley castle

An historian believes that he managed to capture the ghost of Lady Jane Grey, whose reign lasted only nine days at Astley Castle, Warwickshire

A historian was amazed as he claims that he captured the ghost of 'Lady Jane Grey' while filming a documentary in Astley Castle, Warwickshire.

Paul Sanders couldn't believe what he was seeing after a lady appeared by the doorway wearing a beautiful red gown.

On the footage Mr Sanders can be heard talking about an old well at the 12th-century medieval ruin, and then he jumps in shock after filming the spooky apparition.

As he pans across to get a better view of the castle, Mr Sanders is heard saying "Now there is a lady standing there, I hope that is not a ghost.


"I’m just going to pan it around. I just saw a lady but she’s gone. "I’ve got to look at this footage back. I saw a lady. Did I just see a ghost? I think I just saw a ghost."

Mr Sanders believes that this could be the spirit of Lady Jane Grey who lived in Astley Castle in the 1550s. She was crowned queen in 1553 but her reign lasted just nine days after she was deposed and sent to the Tower Of London to await her execution.

Lady Jane Grey was beheaded on the 12th of February 1554.

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