5 People Explain Their Real-Life Encounters With Shadow People

Published on 8 August 2021 at 15:11

shadow person in bedroom

Shadow Beings are often described as being either a tall dark figure or a type of black mass, and they can appear in and out of our peripheral vision.

Below are five real stories of people who believe that they have come into contact with these creepy entities.

5. The Shadows Of The Forest

When she was younger, a women often visited the forests in the mountains where she lived. One particular forest, used to be the site of an ancient Celtic village.

She describes how she used to see the shadow figures roaming around the land. For months, the lady was spooked during her visits to the forest, and then she mentioned how the shadow figures did not care that she was there, and some of them would actually wave at her.

4. It Was Watching US

When four people were conducting a paranormal investigation they described how they all saw a shadow being. They explained how it made no sound and that it moved very slowly. It was said to have been darker than anything they had ever seen.

The supernatural being seemed to be curious about the team. Eventually the enitity walked into the room where the team were conducting their investigation.

The lights were turned off in the room, however, the window outside in the hallway let enough light come through so that they could all see it clearly with their own eyes and infrared devices.

3. They Are Intelligent

Shadow people don’t seem to move the same way as ghosts do. It almost appears that they are unaware of their surroundings.

Someone explained how they appear to move around like living people, almost as if they are living a normal life.

The person mentiones that the shadow beings seem to display intelligence as they know when someone has come into contact with them.

The creepiest part of the story is that they appear to know who you are, and that you are watching them. They are intelligent.

2. It Told Me A Secret

This dream was like nothing she had ever experienced before, and she describes how deep and dark secrets had being whispered into her ears.

After she awoke from her vivid dream, she looked directly across her bedroom and saw a large black shadow lurking in the darkness. It then turned and looked directly at her. After calling out the entity it turned away and ran straight into the wall.

She describes how a dark smoke appeared as it faded away.

1. It Watched Me Sleep

A person described waking up to see a shadowy figure stood at the bottom of their bed. It was the same size and shape as a person but it lacked any edges to its form.

Other people have described similar sightings but some say that they appear to be made of a dark smoke, and that’s exactly what this shadow being appeared like.

After looking directly at the entity it immediately vanished and the encounter lasted only a few seconds.

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