A Mother Calls In A Priest After Capturing A Ghostly Black Figure On CCTV

Published on 5 August 2021 at 16:03

A women from Glasgow, freaked out when she spotted a 'black ghostly figure' appear on her home's CCTV system.

Your home is a place where you naturally feel safe, so you can imagine how Maxine Hughes felt when she discovered a creepy 'black ghostly figure' appear on her home CCTV system.

After spotting the figure appear twice she decided to call a local priest for help.

The bizarre capture appears to show a black ghostly figure floating across the screen before disappearing out of shot near her caravan which is parked at the front of her home. It then appears to manifest again, before disappearing and coming back into view.

"My partner was up during the night and saw it on the camera. It’s all happened over the last week and a half. It’s so weird," Maxine said

"We even had a priest out the other day to bless the house. I sent it to my sister and asked what it was because she is in to spooky stuff."

Maxine's step son, who also lives at the address mentioned how freaked out he was, however, he was reassured by her that there was ''nothing to fear'' after the priest had been to their home.

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