A Flying Spirit Is Captured On Video

Published on 4 August 2021 at 17:22

medieval church and gravestones St Mary's in Hampshire, England

Footage of a flying ghost was captured on video by a paranormal investigator.

Tony Ferguson decided to conduct a paranormal investigation after reading reports of a negative entity that is said to linger in a medieval at St Mary's Church in Hampshire, England.

"I don't usually investigate cemeteries," he said. "I don't believe that just because people are buried there, they must be haunted."

"But a few people got in touch to tell me they were concerned about their loved ones who are buried there. Every time they went they could feel this negative presence and it was making them very uncomfortable."

The 33-year-old investigator said that he had heard a strange 'whooshing' sound and he believed that it belonged to the strange mist he captured on video.

This potential paranormal capture does appear to show a ghostly anomaly moving towards the camera, but many have claimed it could be nothing more than cigarette smoke or someone else's breath.

Today Tony remains adamant that it was something paranormal. 

"He is clearly a very controlling spirit and doesn't want people visiting the graveyard," he said

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