5 Nurses Share Their Horrifying Hospital Experiences

Published on 2 August 2021 at 15:54

women ghost in dark and scary hospital

Hospitals around the world always have their own ghost stories. It is where life begins and most of them end.

Dealing with death is just part of the job, and real nurses from around the globe sometimes decide to reveal their most terrifying and true accounts of supernatural encounters.

Here are 5 real stories of haunted hospital wards, apparitions of ghosts and a visit from an old Nun.

5. Something Truly Evil

One nurse described how she was working late one night as she was the one caring for a dying male patient. She explained how scared the man was, so she decided to spend quite a bit of time with the patient while trying to calm and reassure him. Eventually, he calmed down, so she decided to leave his bedside.

As she walked across to the nurses station, which was roughly 15 feet away, she sat down and glanced over to him, it was here where she saw a large black mass standing over the bed, looking down at the patient.

The nurse was terrified, and she believes it was something truly evil. The patient died shortly afterwards

4. Never Open That Door

One nurse worked at the morgue in an hospital, and she explained how she would always hear knocking coming from inside the freezer.

She explained how it really creeped her out, especially when one of the hospitals pathologists looked up, and grabbed her by the shoulders.

She explained how he looked her straight in the eyes and said ‘you hear that? You never open that door when the dead are knocking. Never.’

3. A Tall Thin Man

Every night before this nurse finished her shift, she would check on all of her patients to make sure that their briefs were clean, and their water pitchers were full, etc. She would perform these tasks just before sunset.

Everything seemed to be going fine until three different patients in three different rooms decided to tell her that they were frightened of the tall, thin man standing in the corner, and they explained how the man would point over the nurses shoulder.

2. The Smiling Spirit

One nurse talked about how she was doing her rounds as a new registered nurse and she explained about how she saw an old lady dressed in hospital's gown. A first she believed that the patient was lost or she simply couldn’t sleep.

The nurse decided to signal the patient from the other end of the hallway in order to ask her what was wrong. After grabbing her attention, the patient turned her face towards the nurse, smiled and then passed straight through a wall into a patient’s room.

The nurse froze in fear at what she had just seen. It turned out that the woman had died three days earlier from a car accident, and the room the smiling spirit entered was where her husband had been hospitlized when their car had crashed.

1. The Nun

This particular hospital was once run by nuns. And one specific unit had been converted into a sleep study lab in order to conduct tests on outpatients.

During one night shift a nurse was watching the video monitor when suddenly five patients began to remove their monitoring equipment.

The nurse went into the room and asked the patients what was going on. They told her that old nurse with the cap had told them that study was over and that they could leave.

It turned out that all the patients reported the same story

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