The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor House

Published on 1 August 2021 at 15:28

bettiscombe manor house an the screaming skull

The Bettiscombe manor is the home of the screaming skull.

During the 19th century, John Frederick Pinney returned from Nevis and he was joined by his loyal Jamaican slave who shortly afterwards passed away of tuberculosis.

The slave made only one request to his owner which was upon his death he would like to have his body returned to his home country.

John Pinney refused his slaves wishes and he decided to bury the man in the cemetery at St. Stephen’s Church.

Shortly afterwards, the village and John were plagued with extremely bad luck and supernatural screams could be heard coming from the cemetery.

The Bettiscombe manor house experienced rattling windows and slamming doors. John decided to bring the exhumed body into his home and he refused to discard it.

Eventually the body decayed, leaving only the Jamaican skull to howl every time someone tried to remove it.

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