This Cemetery In Salem Is Haunted By A Male Witch

Published on 1 August 2021 at 13:42

Giles Corey a witch grave in salem

Howard Street cemetery in Salem often conjures up images of the dead.

The small town of Salem was the setting of one of the most famous witch hunts in history and it has never lost its reputation as being a place of local paranoia and injustice.

The witch trials took place in 1692, and the pain, panic and torture still seems to linger here in the form of restless spirits, and most of them seem to appear at the Howard Street cemetery.

One of the most active and restless souls that likes to appear here is that of Giles Corey. He was an 81-year-old male who was accused of witchcraft shortly after his wife was imprisoned.

When Giles refused to plead guilty to the charges brought against him by the local witch hunters, he suffered a form of pressing torture that lasted two full days.

As he was being pressed to death, Corey was heard shouting “more weight” as he was asked to confess. His spirit is said to linger and physically appear at his unmarked grave in Howard Cemetery and according to local legend, his soul is said to appear before terrible events, as a sign of the horrors that are going to take place.

giles corey a male witch pressed to death in salem

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