This Man Followed An Ouija Boards Horrific Instructions

Published on 31 July 2021 at 20:14

parker brothers ouija board

Paul Carroll from County Durham, England often relied on advice from the spiritual realm for much of his life via the use of an ouija board.

Eventually this advice took a more sinister turn. On Christmas Eve 2014, the Ouija board told Paul that he would need to kill his family’s Bedlington terrier, because it had been possessed.

The spirits told Paul that he would need to drown the dog in the bathtub, chop it up into pieces, and then dump its remains.

Carroll decided to follow these instructions and he attempted to bury his dog at a local pub before dumping the remaining body parts in a local drain. When the drain blocked up, Paul's cruel work was discovered, his long-term learning and mental difficulties were taken into account by the police and his act of cruelty went unpunished.

His wife Margaret and their daughter Katrina were about to experience a shocking ordeal. After consulting the Ouija board a week later, the spirits told them to take large amounts of prescription drugs and then set their home on fire.

After surviving the blaze, the Carrolls decided to seek advice from elsewhere.

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