A Vampire Skull Was Found In Venice

Published on 29 July 2021 at 11:09

the skull of a vampire with a stone in its mouth

The skull of this alleged vampire was buried in Venice during the 16th century.

When a grave site was discovered in 2006 it contained the bones of a woman who had been buried alongside plague victims. The burial was bizarre as the body of a women was found to have had a brick forced into her mouth.

This was a common practice of the time, as suspected vampires would be buried this way as a method of halting the spread of this supernatural disease.

it is now believed that she could have also been a witch. This is due to the fact that scientists know that no one really lived past the age of 40 during those times, and anyone who did were thought to have practices witchcraft in order to extend their life and ultimately cheat death.

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