The Ghost Of Ted Bundy

Published on 25 July 2021 at 17:59

Ted Bundy was officially charged with murdering thirty-six women, and many people are convinced that Ted stalked, raped and killed closer to a hundred innocent victims.

After discovering that Ted Bundy had engaged in sexual activity with many of his dead victims, some people were thrown over the edge, and there was a huge relief when he was sentenced to death row at Florida State Prison.

January 24, 1989, was Ted’s official day of execution, and it was here where he would meet “old sparky”, the prison’s electric chair.

It appears that death hasn’t seemed to stop Ted from plaguing people, however. A couple of guards came forward in 2001 to report that they had constantly being dealing with Ted’s ghost since his execution by electric chair.

His apparition has seen numerous times by multiple guards, and he appeared to sit calmly on the electric chair with a creepy smile on his face. Some guards have reported hearing Ted talk, while others have seen him in his former cell as well.

One guard swears to this day that he heard Ted whisper to him,

“Well, I beat all of you, didn’t I?”

The ghost of Ted Bundy has been seen so many times that now security officers and other prison personnel refuse to enter the execution chamber by themselves.

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