5 Musicians Who Sold Their Soul To The Devil

Published on 25 July 2021 at 14:39

Learning to play the guitar takes a lot of hard work. Practice, patience, time and effort. And more often than not you will end up with sore fingers. But that is ok because we all know the Devil likes the best music.  

It is believed that Lucifer has a special affinity to stringed instruments, particularly violins and guitars. In exchange for just one poor soul, the Prince of Darkness can give you the ability to play that guitar at a whole new level.

Many believe that no one would take him up on this offer however, after a little bit of online research I came accross numerous musicians who believed that selling their soul was worth an eternity in hell.

Jimmy Page

5. Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, the legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist, was a known student of occultism and he even purchased Aleister Crowley’s old home in Loch Ness, Scotland. He believed that this home was haunted and he would talk about the strange experiences that he encountered while living there.

Jimmy decided to follow Crowley’s occultist teachings and it involved focusing your intentions on what you want to get out of life. The Led Zeppelin guitarist just wanted to play the guitar with amazing ability, and it appeared as though he got his wish.

Many believed that Jimmy decided to sell his soul to the Devil in order to gain superfast fingers, and Page replied that if had indeed done the deal, so had the rest of the band.

It is known that if you play the amazing 'Stairway to Heaven' backwards, you can hear demonic voices speaking.

4. John Lennon

John Lennon once said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, and this basically meant that he was a blasphemer. A Beatles researcher has spent years upon years interpreting secret messages and symbols hidden within John Lennon’s music, art-work and album covers. He believes that he has discovered ‘evidence’ that John Lennon actually did sell his soul to the devil.

The researcher follows a‘fascinating’ trail of sorcery, mysticism, numerology and theology to help explain his theory, as well as the mystical science of anagrams and listening to songs backwards.

Allegedly John Lennon signed his deal with the Devil in December 1960, shortly before the first known outbreak of Beatlemania. If it is true, it seems extremely tough on Lennon, as the other 3 band members, managed to keep their souls intact while basking in the glory.

Lennon was promised 20 years of success before the devil reclaimed his own. On the evening of 8 December 1980, John Lennon was shot and fatally wounded in the archway of The Dakota, his residence in New York City.

John Lennon

3. Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is known as probably one of the most famous souls that belong in the Devils collection. At some point during 1930's it is believed that he did indeed meet the Devil, allegedly at the Clarksdale Crossroads.

Many people spoke of how decent Johnson was at playing the harmonica but they also added how he was a ‘terrible guitarist’.

After his meeting with the Devil, Johnson disappeared for a couple of weeks. It is believed that he had taken his guitar to the crossroads in Mississippi, where the devil retuned his guitar and gave him a few lessons.

When Johnson finally returned, his terrible guitar playing days were over, he was now described as a ‘formidable’ and ‘masterful’ musician.

When Robert Johnson died in 1938, at the age of 27, Johnson is officially known as the Devil’s Bluesman.

Robert Johnson

2. Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson is the man credited with starting the rumor that Robert Johnson had sold his soul at the crossroads however, before that rumor got around, it was believed that Tommy had done the exact same thing.

Johnson was one of the best and most influential bluesmen in Mississippi during the 1920's and 1930's. His older brother LeDell was teaching Tommy how to play the guitar. Once Johnson was a young teenager he ran away from home to the Mississippi Delta, and when he returned 2 years later, he was known as an expert guitar player.

LeDell Johnson claimed that his brother had met a ‘mysterious figure’ at the hellish crossroads. The stranger tuned his guitar for him, after which he could play music like the Devil, and this is exactly the same story that Tommy had said about Robert Johnson.

Tommy Johnson

1. Snoop Dogg

Usually deals with the Devil are often shrouded in secrecy. Occasionally, however, a performer comes along who is happy to talk about it. Or even sing about it.

Snoop Dogg admits that at the time he was in a dark place, when all of a sudden he heard a voice say, “Bring your lifestyle to me I’ll make it better”

Snoop Dogg asked how long he would live, and the voice cried back to him, “Eternal and forever.”

It is believed by many that the artist thought he was making a deal with God, but was tricked into selling his soul to the Prince Of Darkness.

Snoop Dogg

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