Cemetery Is The Center Of Werewolf Sightings

Published on 25 July 2021 at 12:02

The 'Werewolf of Camberwell' has spotted numerous times over the years, according to reports.

Located in South London and dating back to around 170 years ago, the Camberwell Old Cemetery is the alleged home of a supernatural creature that is said to linger amongst the creepy gravestones.

The sightings of this werewolf has caught the attention of local researcher Andy McGrath who has researched two reportings that took place at this cemetery 8 years apart.

The first sighting, which took place on October 9th, 1996, was regarding a man who had been taking a shortcut through the cemetery when something grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the ground.

"He saw a large creature, with dark fur and a head like a German shepherd, looking at him intently, slobbering and growling and sniffing his body up and down, just as a dog would," said McGrath.

"Just as quickly as the attack started, it was over and the beast sprinted off on its hind legs."

The second sighting, which happened in 2004, involved two witnesses.

"We heard a low growl," one of them said. "Then a large tree in the corner of the cemetery was shaking incredibly hard as if something really powerful was shaking it with all its might."

"It was definitely not made by a person or an animal. The tree looked as if the roots were ready to be ripped out. My friend and I took to our heels and ran as fast as we could in different directions."

Is it possible that there really could be a werewolf stalking this 170-year-old cemetery?

"If a creature is described as being animal-like, then it probably is an animal and not uncommonly, a known animal; even if the qualities it portrays seem superficially supernatural, at the time," said McGraph.

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