Sleeping On A Balcony Helps Couple Avoid A Poltergeist

Published on 25 July 2021 at 10:15

A French family have come up with a unique way to avoid trouble with an angry Poltergeist that lingers inside their apartment.

When David and Patricia moved into their apartment in Semcoda, France last year - they were initially pleased and excited with their new accommodation.

Their home was originally a hangar before being converted into apartments and slowly the home began to take on a more sinister atmosphere due to the amount of paranormal  occurrences  that left the couple struggling to find peace of mind.

"It started with black shadows," they told Le Progres"Then it got louder: the light would randomly go out, the TV turns on by itself, the phone freezes for no reason, the dishes make strange noises, etc."

Eventually the couple called in a medium to investigate these supernatural occurrences and they were told that the apartment was haunted by the hostile spirit of a 19th-Century woman who was trapped there and wanted them to leave.

After being traumatised by this aggressive spirit, David and Patricia decided to take matters into their own hands and decided to sleep outside on the balcony in a small tent.

After staying outside for over a month it remains unclear as to when the couple will find the courage to sleep back inside the apartment they once loved.

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