The Hauntings Of Hampton Court

Published on 16 September 2022 at 12:20

haunted hampton court palace

The Hampton Court Palace in Surrey has long been considered one of the most haunted stately homes in England. Best known as the residence of the notorious King Henry VIII. With a reputation for divorcing and beheading his wives, this could be a major reason why wondering spirits seem to hang around.

It is believed by many people that at least two of Henry's ex-wives haunt the halls of Hampton Court Palace and some witnesses have come forward to report what they have seen. A sad-looking ghostly figure carrying a candle is believed to be the spirit of Jane Seymour, King Henry's third wife, who died shortly after giving birth to the boy King Edward VI. The ghostly apparition has been seen numerous times on the Silverstick Stairs - which at some point in history led to the room in which Jane Seymour gave birth then died.

The ghost of Henry's fifth wife, Catherine Howard, whom he had beheaded for adultery and treason, is a spirit that is seen far more often. It is believed that Catherine was arrested at Hampton Court palace but was able to break away from the guards, running down what is now referred to as the Haunted Gallery and screaming out to the King for mercy. Once the guards had recaptured her Catherine never saw the King again. Aged only 19, she was executed at the Tower of London. There have been sightings of her anguished, heartbroken ghost calling out her desperate pleas throughout the Haunted Gallery.

Inside the mysterious halls of Hampton Court, there is much talk of a ghostly ''grey lady'', whom many believe is the spirit of Sybil Penn - nurse to Elizabeth I and Edward VI. As she had served as a loyal family servant, Sybil Penn was buried in a nearby church, after she had died from catching smallpox from the future Queen of England Elizabeth I. In 1829 her tomb was disturbed due to church renovations and after this the sightings of the grey lady began.

Around 1871 a palace resident would often complain about constant knocking and banging on her walls. Everyone believed that the woman was mad and not one person believed her. Not long after her complaints, two male skeletons were discovered in shallow graves close to her apartment. After the bodies were given a proper burial, the noises had stopped, much to the residents relief. It is believed by some that these men were murdered during the civil wars and then buried in unmarked graves.

In October 2003 a spirit made a remarkable entrance at the palace. A set of fire doors were flung open on three consecutive days but on the second day a ghostly figure, dressed in a hooded robe, showed itself before closing the doors again. The spirit was captured on CCTV and can be viewed online. Staff members to this day remain both spooked and baffled at what they had seen, with no explanation as to who it is or how it occurred.


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